• 7 Day Roguelike 2017: Shopping

    The main feature I implemented today was a set of menus that are displayed between levels. These include a shop for buying items (currently just guns), equipping guns to weapon slots (which can’t be done in the field), and inventory management (just removing items from the inventory to make room for more items).

  • 7 Day Roguelike 2017: Day 1

    After a day of development, I’ve implemented some of the basic functionality and created some of the artwork. You can control the speed of the van, and steer it provided that its speed is above zero. Zombies can be run over which insta-kills them, or they can be shot if they are directly in front of the van.

  • 7 Day Roguelike 2017: Plan

    For this year’s 7DRL I’m making a game called “Apocalypse Post”. It will be a coffeebreak roguelike where the player delivers mail in a post-apocalyptic world.

  • Howl

    Howl is a turn-based tactical game, where everything has an alternate form that is revealed under moonlight. I started this project to teach myself the rust programming language, and to experiment with entity component systems.

  • Roguelike Lighting Demo

    This is a demonstration of some lighting techniques I’ve been experimenting with. It was originally intended to be an entire game, but I’ve abandoned it to work on other projects.

  • New Name

    I’ve renamed this blog to Grid Bugs to better reflect the true nature of roguelike development.

  • Even Separation Algorithm

    This post describes an algorithm for evenly spreading out a sequence of items made up of two distinct types of item. I came up with it when attempting to draw straight lines on a grid, where lines are represented by discrete steps in one of two directions. In order for such a line to appear straight, the steps in one direction should be spread out as much as possible with respect to the steps in the other direction. The solution generalizes to spreading out any sequence made up of two distinct types of item that are repeated a number of times.

  • Skeleton Crew

    I wrote this game for the 2016 7 Day Roguelike challenge.