Tonight I finished the level generator, adding weapons and items. I fixed a bug in my recursive shadowcast implementation causing strange behaviour when looking at the edge of the map. I tweaked a couple of mechanics, namely:

  • explosions destroy nearby walls regardless of whether one side is pressurized
    • this is unlike bullets, which only damage walls if one side is pressurized and the other isn’t
  • flames from the flamethrower don’t stop when they hit an enemy
  • doors can’t be closed if there is an enemy standing in the way

I spent the rest of my time tonight polishing the game’s UI.

Here are some death screens from playtesting!

Shooting a bloat at point-blank range. Never a good idea. s0

Tried to kill some zombies by blowing up a nearby bloat. Didn’t end well. s1

Getting sucked out of the ship as a section decompresses due to a hull breach. s2