For this year’s 7DRL I’m making a game called “Apocalypse Post”. It will be a coffeebreak roguelike where the player delivers mail in a post-apocalyptic world.

I’m writing the game in rust, using Howl as a starting point. My recent focus for Howl has been adding basic (but non-trivial) functionality to the engine (menus, saving, configuring controls) so I can take advantage of it for the 7DRL and focus on the high-level parts of game development this week.

Features I plan to implement:

  • on each turn the player automatically moves forward
  • gun-based combat
  • various weapons with interesting tactical significance (e.g. rail gun shoots through everything in a certain direction, costing you a finite resource)
  • a shop for buying upgrades and equipment
  • procedural terrain generator suitable for automatic side-scrolling

I’ll try to post daily updates to this site.

Follow development more closely on github.