• Meters Below the Ground

    Meters Below the Ground is a short tactical dungeon-crawler about escaping from an insectoid-infested facility. Complete objectives to unlock more meters for your character so you might stand a chance against the alien threat.

  • Another Roguelike Lighting Demo

    In keeping with my habit of making game engines rather than entire games, here’s a demo that was originally meant to be a game, but I got sidetracked by making it pretty and lost momentum. This has happened before. It’s just another step on the path to enlightenment. This post describes some of the new things I tried.

  • Apocalypse Post

    Apocalypse Post is a procedurally-generated, turn-based tactical shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future, where you carry mail between survivor camps in your trusty delivery van, all the while fending off attacks from bandits and zombies. Between each delivery run, buy weapons and armour to upgrade your van to cope with ever-increasing numbers of enemies.

  • Howl

    Howl is a turn-based tactical game, where everything has an alternate form that is revealed under moonlight. I started this project to teach myself the rust programming language, and to experiment with entity component systems.

  • Roguelike Lighting Demo

    This is a demonstration of some lighting techniques I’ve been experimenting with. It was originally intended to be an entire game, but I’ve abandoned it to work on other projects.

  • Skeleton Crew

    I wrote this game for the 2016 7 Day Roguelike challenge.

  • Glacial

    A roguelike I made in Februrary 2016.

  • Bug Catcher

    This is my first attempt at writing one game a month. It’s a turn-based dungeon crawler in the style of traditional roguelikes. All the characters in the game are bugs. Each bug has an ability and combat stats. You can “channel” a bug and gain access to its ability and stats.

  • Top-down Sidescrolling Engine

    A partially-complete game engine I wrote in 2014 in javascript/html5.

  • Pitch Controlled Game

    A game I made for UNSW ArtsWeek 2014. Control the cat by making noises of various pitches. Collect the coins but avoid the ghosts.