• Apocalypse Post

    Apocalypse Post is a procedurally-generated, turn-based tactical shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future, where you carry mail between survivor camps in your trusty delivery van, all the while fending off attacks from bandits and zombies. Between each delivery run, buy weapons and armour to upgrade your van to cope with ever-increasing numbers of enemies.

  • 7 Day Roguelike 2017: Success

    I spent the night polishing, play-testing, balancing and fixing some minor bugs. I consider the week to have been largely successful. The game turned out roughly like what I imagined at the start of the week.

  • 7 Day Roguelike 2017: Consumables

    I added many features today, most notably consumable items that can be used while stationary in the field to repair the engine or replace a burst tyre. These items can be bought from the shop in the survivor camp. The shop also sells repairs that happen immediately.

  • 7 Day Roguelike 2017: Procgen and Explosions

    Today I implemented a procedural generator. Levels are relatively simple, compared to say, dungeons. Levels have a straight road, with acid generated using Perlin Noise, and various enemies, obstacles and items placed randomly, with different probabilities for each entity starting in a cell for road cells and off-road cells.

    Here’s a screenshot from a procedurally generated level.