• 7 Day Roguelike 2016: Day 1

    It’s one day in. Here’s my progress so far!

  • 7 Day Roguelike 2016: Plan

    The 7 Day Roguelike Challenge is a game jam where participants make a roguelike in 7 days. This year I’m making a game called “Skeleton Crew” where you fight undead things on a spaceship. I’ll post updates to this site as I make progress.

  • Encoding Rules for Turn-Based Games

    A key consideration when designing a game engine is how rules of the game will be encoded. The engine needs a way of enforcing statements such as “Doors can only be passed through if they are open”, and “If a burning character walks into a pool of water, it stops burning”. The expressiveness of a game engine’s rule-encoding is important, as it dictates the limitations of mechanics that can be implemented in games. Nobody wants to discover late in development that their engine can’t be used to efficiently implement a certain feature.

  • Glacial

    A roguelike I made in Februrary 2016.

    Play in browser

    You are a faithful servant of the Pyro God. You returned to the former home of your ancestors in search of his ancient cathedral, only to find the city a frozen ruin.